Outreach in the Community

St. Mark's congregation members care a great deal about the people and the world around them. Here are a few of the ways members are active in helping those in need in our community.

  • St. Mark's Food Pantry

    St. Mark's collects, maintains, and distributes food to families and individuals in need in the Claremont community.

  • Eastern Catawba Cooperative Christian Ministry

    St. Mark's supports Eastern Catawba Cooperative Christian Mission (ECCCM) by collecting and donating food for the pantry each month.

  • Catawba County Backpack Program

    Catawba County Backpack Program: To provide weekend nourishment to students in Catawba County who are hungry on the weekends. The Program provides each child with dinners, lunches, breakfasts, and snacks each weekend throughout the school year.

    The Witness Ministry team at St. Mark’s fills backpacks during November, February, and May. Volunteers pack two Thursdays of these months around noon. If anyone would like to volunteer on a Thursday, please contact the church office.

  • The Corner Table

    The Witness Ministry at St. Mark's has committed to serving at The Corner Table four times each year. Volunteers are always welcome!

    The Corner Table is a soup kitchen outreach ministry provided by the people of our community for the hungry of our community. The primary purpose is to provide nutritious meals in a comfortable environment for any man, woman and child who is in need.

    The Corner Table got its name in four ways. First, several communities are represented, "on the corner" where many roads converge. Second, friends who meet for a meal usually find a "corner table" best for visiting with each other. Third, the Biblical tradition of tithing comes from an ancient custom of landowners leaving a tenth of their crops in the corners of their fields for the poor to harvest for themselves. Fourth, by Holy Coincidence, the building is actually located on a corner.

    Click here for the The Corner Table website.

  • Red Cross Blood Drives

    St. Mark's hosts Red Cross Blood Drive two times each year in our Family Life Center. Hosting a blood drive with the American Red Cross is a partnership where everyone wins:

    • It creates goodwill from their community and builds morale and camaraderie as members work together for a good cause
    • Blood donors feel good about giving with colleagues, friends or peers, 
    • The Red Cross is better able to fulfill its mission of ensuring the availability of a safe and reliable blood supply
    • Patients in the community and across the nation receive the gift of life.